Wise Watering With Dri-Water

The concept of DriWater did not exist until 1987, when Mr. Harold Jensen was working with a retired researcher, Lee Avera, who invented the cold homogenizing process for Skippy Peanut Butter, making it spreadable. The notion of changing the structure of water to make it easily transportable was fascinating to Mr. Jensen and he began to see how this discovery could significantly change the way water is used for irrigation purposes. It was then that his actions intensified and he, along with his wife, Jean, and their daughters, went to work to find an answer. The family spent countless hours in the kitchen blending thousands of batches of material until the perfect formulation was found.

Mr. Jensen is seeing the results of his life-long dream. With futurists predicting that as much as one-third of the world’s population faces crippling water shortages, the need for alternative irrigation and other serious water conservation practices is imperative. More and more countries are experiencing severe water shortages that are causing related catastrophes such as dust storms and continued starvation on a massive scale. DriWater is an answer that reaches far beyond the original dream of reforestation. It is a product that promises to be the foundation of a global miracle.

Today DriWater has developed this technology to include the homeowner. They still work to combat deforestation, but now they have products that aid in our everyday lives.

Made of 98% water, and 2% food-grade ingredients, DRiWATER is 100% natural and safe around children & pets. DriWater’s unique patented gel gradually breaks down when it comes into contact with natural microorganisms found in soil. As the gel slowly converts to liquid, it percolates down through the root zone of a plant,

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