Live Next To Water With Your Water Garden

If you think you have missed the simple pleasures of living next to water, here’s your chance to set it right. Just opt for a water garden and enliven the face of your house, garden or surroundings. A water garden can extend from a waterproof container in the yard, to a half-barrel with an inbuilt fountain, to an in ground pond.

You may need to keep a few things in mind before beginning to install a water garden at home.

Select the style: To begin with, you need to be clear about the kind of water garden you want. You need to plan the specific features for the pond. Would you want more of aquatic animals or plants? Would you like a proper pond or a waterfall? Once you have chalked out the plan, it becomes easy to walk the water garden way.

Choose an appropriate location: If you choose to have a water garden, opt for a location that will be picturesque. You may like to view the fruits of your labor often. Most water gardens attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife and form a beautiful, natural and soothing view.

Size matters: Depending on the size of your water garden, you may opt for a patio or a fountain or an in-ground pond. Just make sure that it complements the size of the garden. You may not want to overwhelm a small yard with a large pond.

Keep the location sunlit: 5 to 8 hours of sunlight is very important for water plants. If you would like to have your water garden in a shaded area, you may have a lesser choice of plants.

Drain out: Drainage is a very important factor for a water garden. The soil around the water garden should have proper drainage facilities to avoid a break in the lining. It would be wise to avoid low areas with water flooding in from the surrounding landscape.

Keep the trees away: Avoid setting up a water garden underneath overhanging trees. Problems of water clogging may be rampant there. Also leaves falling in winter can harm fish and plant life. Besides, the root of the tree can get harmed if a water garden is placed too close to the tree.

Water should not be forgotten: The water garden would require periodic re-filling of water. You may want to opt for a pump for the purpose, or consider viable options for the same.

Electricity: Beautify your water garden with lights and other electrical equipment. However, keep safety concerns in mind. Consult a professional if required.

Local regulations: Make sure you don’t get into regulatory issues for your water garden. You may like to check the possible restrictions with your local building department before installing a water garden. It may also be necessary to consult local utility companies for the location of underground lines before digging.

Maintenance: The water garden will require maintenance, like any other garden. Periodic cleaning (removal of debris), replenishing water and caring for plants needs to be a regular routine. Besides, requirements will be different at different times of the year.

So if you think living in the city has deprived you of natural beauty, opt for water gardens. They enhance the natural beauty of the landscape and provide a pleasant, stress-free and soothing ambience.