Maintain Your Garden With Garden Tractors

Garden tractors are actually very powerful machines on wheels. It is very important to learn the craft of mastering this machine, or else it may lead to unprecedented mishaps and cause severe damage to life and property.

Following are certain pointers that may help you opt for the right garden tractor:

– Size of the garden tractor: For selecting the size of the tractor, you need to consider the size of the land wherein the tractor will be used and the utility of the tractor. If you have a smaller land and would like to just mow grass you may not need a big tractor. On the other hand, if you have a big farm and want to plough, you need a bigger machine.

– Use of the garden tractor: Garden tractors can be put to a variety of uses. They can be used to mow, remove snow, grade, tow, shred and excavate. They can also be used for light digging and loader work. Of course, you need to zero in on the functions of the tractor and then buy the right one that would serve your purpose.

Types Of Garden Tractor

They are basically two types of garden tractors:

a) Light Duty Equipment – Made up of sheet metal and plastic, this type of garden tractor is less expensive and requires low maintenance. They are popular, but designed to last for a short period of time.

b) Heavy Duty equipment – Usually made up of iron or steel frame, they are expensive and require very high maintenance. Designed to last for many years, most garden tractor breakdowns can be repaired. However, it is usual for tractor owners to trade up their old models for newer ones.

Maintaining The Garden Tractor

It is necessary to take proper care of the garden tractor. Here are some tips to increase the longevity of your garden tractor:

a) Oil nuts, bolts and screws of the garden tractor at least once a month. This will prevent them from rusting and corroding. b) Add grease where grease nipples or jerk fittings are provided. This will provide the lubrication and prevent rust causing moisture from damaging the machine. c) Wash off wet grass after mowing. Wet grass stuck on the tractor can again lead to corrosion or rust. d) Check all fluids like oil, water, hydraulic, transmission or brake fluids occasionally and replenish them whenever necessary. e) Tighten up nuts, bolts and screws. f) Use a gasoline stabiliser to prolong the life of the garden tractor. g) Shelter your tractor from sun, wind and snow. h) Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Accessorizing Your Garden Tractor

If you want, you can add some great attachments and accessories to your garden tractor. Check with your local equipment dealer for the right accessories for your need.

Grey market garden tractor: These are usually used tractors that are imported from another country. They are less expensive than the normal ones. However, it would be wise to enquire properly before you opt to buy one.

Insuring the garden tractor: It is important to check out details of insurance, as it varies from state to state. Consult your insurance agent about coverage of the tractor and related equipment.

A little enquiry before the purchase of a garden tractor is always helpful. If you are a serious gardener and tend to your garden yourself, invest in a good garden tractor, but do keep the safety precautions in mind.