How To Locate Gardening Supplies Dealers

Gardening supplies dealers sell to businesses and hobbyists around the
country. Some sell to gardening clubs at a discount, others only to
businesses with appropriate reseller’s licenses. Many gardening supplies
dealers are independent gardening centers and use word of mouth to
advertise. If you are looking for the gardening supplies dealers in your
areas, scout all your options to make an informed decision.

The Phone Book

To locate the local gardening centers in your areas, all one has to do is
get a copy of the phone book. The yellow pages will typically have a
gardener’s section that is useful to see who is in your area.

The Internet

The Internet has become one of the most valuable information resources ever.
By typing into a search engine the type of gardening supplies dealer you are
looking for and your city name, it can spot a dealer online in seconds. The
nice feature about the Internet is that once you have a postal address, you
can use Mapquest to find out just exactly how far away the gardening center
is from you.

Gardening Clubs And Programs

Whether you’ve joined a master gardener program or just a local gardening
club, these are the best places to get information on not just the location,
but the quality and price of different dealers in the area. Gardeners love
to share their expertise and that includes knowing where to go to get that
exotic plant specimen you’ve been dying to have.

Garden Shows

Garden shows attract gardening supplies dealers from all over the country,
so they won’t just be local dealers. However, a garden show is good to
attend to see the variety of dealers and their offerings all in one spot.
While there, don’t forget to pick the brains of the salespeople and pick up
some literature. This can be used to compare a local supplier with one that
is not. You may end up finding the better deal is not a local supplier!

Television Garden Shows

Did you see a garden show that inspired you to try something new? Many of
these shows will give the credits for suppliers they used either at the end
of a segment or on their website. Next time you’re watching a show you like
and want to know where the gardening supplies dealers are they used, take
note with a pen and pencil. The show will give out this information either
at the end of a segment, at the end of the show, or direct the viewer to
their website in a specific area.

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